Sayo H

Biography Edit

Sayo Hirasaka was one of the victims during the Crow incident. She's first seen being carried by Tatsuma Hiyuu among the rubble. She later comes back as a corpse demon because of Tendou Kodzunu.

Storyline Edit

Once she was taken to the hospital during the Crow incident, the nurses and doctors tried to save her but they couldn't and she died not long afterward. Tatsuma seemingly wasn't aware of this and thought she survived. Tatsuma took the time to come see her, buy her things, and even took photos with her. Once they arrived at the bus station, she pretended to take a call from her uncle, saying that he was busy. Sayo said that since there weren't anymore buses they should walk to her uncle's place. They did and when Tatsuma entered, the room transported him to Tendou Kodzunu. She apologized to Tatsuma and told him that Tendou promised to bring her parents back if she brought him to him. When Tendou punched Tatsuma through the chest, making magical arms appear, she began to beg Tendou to stop, only for him to start undoing the corpse spell on her. She told Tatsuma not to look at her as she fell to ground because of Tendou's spell. She cut the arms that went through Tatsuma and helped him but Tendou was angered by this, causing him to fully undo the spell. This caused her body to deteriorate, with her last words being about Tatsuma and the sweet pea flowers which she mentioned earlier was her mother's favorite flower.

Personality Edit

She is a very nice and caring girl but is somewhat easily persuaded. When told that she would get her parents back, she listened to Tendou and brought Tatsuma to him despite knowing what would happen. Sayo couldn't bare watching Tatsuma get hurt so she helped him during his fight with Tendou. She's also sensitive, especially when talking about her parents.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed Parents: She cares for them very much, to the point where she tried to bring them back to life.

Tatsuma Hiyuu: She cares about Tatsuma a lot and likes how he buys things for her. Tatsuma likes being nice to her and sympathizing with her. He even revealed to her that his parents are deceased as well. They bonded in the short time that she was brought back to life.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name can mean "Born at night" but depending on the combination of kanji, her first name can also mean "small world", "small generation", "bloom world", "bloom generation", or even other things.

Gallery Edit

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