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Biography Edit

Raito Umon (雨紋 雷人 | Umon Raito) was the vocalist of the formerly popular band Crow before it's disbanding and the disappearance of it's lead guitar player and songwriter.

Personality Edit

Raito is a man who prefers that people do not get in his way when he has an objective. He will resort to fighting if necessary and sometimes will disappear after or during a fight in order to get to what he was trying to do. When his close friend dies, he shows sadness.

Appearance Edit

Raito Umon is a tall young man with ice-blue eyes and a lightning bolt style mohawk with a small pony tail. His hair is red in the centre and blonde at the sides. His eyebrows are red and also shaped like lightning bolts and his ears are pierced. Throughout the anime, Raito can be seen wearing a jacket with a furry collar and jeans. He usually has with him the spear he fights with or a guitar.

Story Edit

Raito Umon is first seen attacking team Magami in an alleyway following the vicious attack of the crows, looking for its instigator Ryouichi. He manages to defeat Daigo, Komaki and Kyoichi quickly, before being challenged by Aoi Misato. She holds him off for a little while, but is ultimately about to be overpowered by Umon when Tatsuma Hiyuu interrupts the fight.

Powers Edit

Raito is an excellent fighter that uses a spear or a spear like weapon and can control electricity.

Character Data
Raito Umon
うもん らいと

Birth date

July 2



Star of Fate

Kaminarigun sei (Thunder Army Star)

Star Class

Suikoden (Water Margin)

High School

Kamishiro High (Class 2-D)


Music (light)


178 cm


72 kg

3 sizes


Blood type