Marie Claire

Marie Claire (マリィ・クレア| Marii Kurea)

A mystifying 15 year-old girl with the ability to manipulate fire. Marie Claire carries a black cat named Mephisto, and is always by Kodzunu's side, but not really as his ally; she was sent by her master, Munetaka Yagyuu , to observe him and act as a messenger. Kodzunu commented that she is a doll that obeys to her master. When the temperamental child gets angry, bolts come out of her arms and forehead, andshe starts to cry and drool greenish fluid as her face contorts.

Character Data
Marie Claire

Birth date

December 24


15 years

Star of Fate

Suzaku (Vermilion Bird of the South)

Star Class

Seijuu (Four Gods)

High School

Rozenkreuz Academy (junior)


Choir (Vocal Music Department)


145 cm


34 kg

3 sizes


Blood type


She then releases a devastating blast that destroys her surroundings. In the end, she was betrayed by Yagyuu and was sucked into the underworld.

Claire returns in the second season, seeking revenge against Tatsuma Hiyuu . Some of her elusive past is revealed, where she was a student at the Rozenkreuz Academy and subjected to experiments because of her pyrokinesis; Marie Claire caused the school science wing to explode and escaped into a snowstorm - only to be "rescued" by Yagyuu. Mephisto is his familiar, a gift to the girl as well as his eyes on her. However, the now lonely little girl falls in love with Tatsuma, and constantly talks about their future together (causing Mephisto to vanish).

She is the Vessel of the Vermilion Bird or Suzaku. At the end of season two she is blind and weak. She is last seen collapsing, possibly dead, as a side effect of containing the power of the Vermilion Bird.