Background Edit

He's a teenage boy apart of the Martial Fist. He has a mother that's in the hospital.

Personality Edit

He's obedient and follows the orders of his director to get rid of the people seen as evil. He'll back up his director's words but he may be somewhat confused when people like Aoi Misato or anyone from Tatsuma's group of friends says anything different and will want to understand the situation at hand. He does have limits however when it comes to his obedience. If he sees something as wrong, he won't do it. He's shown to be in shock when he finds out that his director was just an evil version of Tatsuma's master.

Story Edit

He, along with everyone else apart of the Martial Fist, were used by Tougo Narutaki, their director, and told to kill Tatsuma's group. During his fight with Tatsuma, the director interrupts them and tells him to kill Tatsuma, saying that he's "only useful for killing" because he knows the assassination method. After the disbanding of the Martial Fist, he went down his own path to atone for his sins. He shows up later to help with the fight against Munetaka Yagyuu.

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