Komaki Sakurai (桜井 小蒔 | Sakurai Komaki)


is the Club Captain of the Kyūdō (archery) Team, and Aoi Misato's best friend. She is quick to defend Aoi when Kyouichi says mean things about her, and at times her friendship seems rather possessive. Unlike Aoi, tomboy Komaki is aggressive towards people who get in the way or harm those she cares about; she's quick to judge and can come off as unsympathetic. Despite her shortcomings, Komaki is a true friend once her trust is won.
Character Data
Komaki Sakurai
さくらい こまき

Birth date

March 22 (Aries)


17 years

Star of Fate

Teisei (Care for the Aged Star)

Star Class

Hakkenden (Eight Warriors of Satomi)

High School

Magami Academy (Class 3C)


Kyuudou Club Captain


158 cm


47 kg

3 sizes


Blood type


She is a champion archer, and although her fighting strengths are strong, Komaki is the weakest, emotionally and psychologically, of the five after gaining powers - she starts off being afraid and bitter at the fact that they have to risk their lives battling demons.

Personality Edit

Komaki is honest girl but sometime, she is a very aggressive about peoples' lives and Kyouichi's attitude toward her friend, Aoi.


Her power focuses itself through her proven archery. She is given a Shinto bow by Kisaragi and the arrows shot from this spiritual weapon take a more powered form during battle, releasing explosive psychic-energy. When without her weapons she can cause tiny objects to aim and hurl at her target or opponent, demonstrating telekinesis. Her most magnificent display of her power yet is her ability to manifest bow and arrow of pure energy with a lethal effect.


Komaki doesn't seem too interested in dating, and so she is oblivious to Yuuya Daigo's crush on her. However, as time goes on and the five friends struggle, Komaki realizes how greatly Yuuya tries to protect her, and she soon accepts and returns his affection.