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Aoi Misato (美里 葵 | Misato Aoi) is a beautiful girl who comes from a wealthy, traditional family. The respected President of Magami High School's Student Council is liked by all, and she is best friends with Komaki Sakurai. Aoi is a sensitive person, sweet to the point of being naïve, and she gets very upset whenever someone is in trouble or hurt; she's compassionate and believes there is good in all people.

Character Data
Aoi Misato
みさと あおい

Birth date

September 20 (Virgo)


18 years

Star of Fate

Yata (Eight Hand)

Star Class

Sanshu no Jingi

(Three Sacred Treasures)

High School

Magami Academy (Class 3C)


Student Council President


160 cm


46 kg

3 sizes


Blood type


Although Aoi's quiet, kind temperament causes her to struggle when she gains power, until she becomes obsessed with protecting people. This stems from a childhood memory, when she was unable to save a friend from dying in a fire. Trapped herself by burning rubble, Aoi carries a scar down her back which she calls her stigma. She's ashamed of her scar, and only shows it to Tatsuma Hiyuu when he goes to her during her depression. Tatsuma exchanges a similar story, showing her his own birthmarks, which leads the two kind-hearted, empathic teenagers to grow closer.

Personality Edit

Aoi Misato is a girl with pure heart. She tried to help her team but Kyouichi considers that she is too weak to defeating the enemies. She denied his words. Aoi wanted to help her team to defend the people from evil spirits. Yet, she is extremely pure-hearted, honest and naive girl. She is a very modest girl. She understands the peoples' feelings and past, she will do anything to help them.

Star of FateEdit

Born under the Yata (八咫) star, Aoi's Shukusei (Star of Fate) is represented in the Sanshu no Jingi (Three Sacred Treasures) class and symbolizes the Yata-no-kagami, or the "Eight Hand Mirror", an object of Wisdom and Honesty. Further burdened by her Fate, Aoi discovers that she also has the Bosatsu-gan (Bodhisattva Eye) and holds incredible powers of healing and resurrection.


When Aoi first discovered her powers they were purely defensive in nature. Her friends would usually keep her on the sidelines during battle. Despite this she is shown to manipulate her psychokinetic forcefields in many ways. She has immobilized fatal attacks, shrapnel, and plunging falls from motion to prevent casualties, formed barriers between victims and demons, and forced seperation by increasing the barrier size; she can also use her energy field offensively by repelling enemies.
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Aoi Power

Her more frequent use of her forcefield is forming a dome to protect everyone in it, her most notable moments of this method were when she first manifested her powers by protecting herself along with Sakurai, and fending off Raito when her friends were defeated. After her discovery of her Bodhisattva Eye she was able to heal others (with the consequence of shortening their life energy), accelerate people's aging, and resurrect the dead. Aoi can release powerful blasts of psionic force.


Aoi is considered to be the weakest member of the Magami team during their battles to protect Tokyo, and everyone is always looking out for her - Kyouichi in particular, who forces her to stand down too often in order to protect her.

Despite his rude, cruel attitude towards her, Aoi is never troubled by his mean tone and tries to defend herself. She have feelings for him at the beginning and it seems that are mutual.

She also seems to have strong feelings for Tatsuma especially at the end of the series, she even calls out his name at graduation. Both Aoi and Tatsuma share the exact same personality traits, so it is often Tatsuma who offers to talk candidly with her, without judgments or fighting.

Komaki is Aoi's best friend. She'll do anything to prevent Aoi from getting hurt. Whenever Kyouichi says something offensive toward Aoi, Komaki will defend her.

Yuuya has a somewhat mutual relationship with Aoi. He, along with the others, help Aoi on their missions.

Hisui is Aoi's bodyguard. He's been around Aoi to help and serve her ever since they were little. When they were children, Aoi always, or usually, had a playful and nice attitude towards him. Hisui promised himself that he would protect Aoi no matter what.

Original VersionEdit

The character Aoi is almost exactly the same in the manga and game.


  • Aoi is a descendant of Ao Misato from the videogame Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou, the prequel game in the franchise set during the Edo period.
  • Most of the characters share birthdays with their original voice actors. And so Aoi shares her birthday with seiyuu Yui Horie, both born 9/20.
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